The Four Cycle Phases with Wellflower

The Four Cycle Phases with Wellflower

A few weeks ago, on August 2, we hosted founder Asha Carroll McCullough of Wellflower at the shop for an evening of education and product testing. 

Asha has a professional background in food and nutrition - a path she followed after her FIRST career as an opera singer. Asha was co-founder of a plant-based cake company Cake in a Crate prior to launching Wellflower.  It's so interesting to me at this phase in life to see where my peers and I have found ourselves, and the paths we've woven to arrive here in this moment. 

Asha has consulted with medical professionals, herbalists, and others in formulating her products that support the four cycle phases (1) menstrual, (2) follicular, (3) ovulatory, and (4) luteal. The four cycle supporting products are geared at what's happening in your body during that phase. Asha recommends charting your moods, emotions, and physical symptoms each week and each month to see if you are experiencing similarities over time.

Similarly, the seed cycling products help women with post-birth control syndrome symptoms, acne, irregular periods, new onset of PMS, or menopause. They are a great product for EVERY WOMAN. Mix the seed blends with a sweetener like honey or maple syrup, a nut butter, and almond milk and the seed cycle balls can be stored in your refrigerator for two weeks, for daily consumption. The overarching goals of Wellflower products are to reduce inflammation and balance hormones and estrogen (eliminating estrogen-dominance, which can lead to longer term health issues)

If you missed her visit, you can find the full workshop online since we *thought ahead* and put her entire discussion on Facebook Live. Do yourself a favor and take the time to watch this video. Super important for women to understand their bodies and cycles, but also, come on guys, don't you want to know what's going on with your mothers, wives, and daughters? The answer is YES! 

Not only do Wellflower products work, but they're also tasty! Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations with us, Asha. All of Wellflower's products can be found in our store and online... and we'll be adding her chocolate truffles in the coming weeks!