100% Reusable, Biodegradable, Sustainable Market Bag - Choice of Color

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SUN DAYS GOODS BAGS are made from washable paper which is a natural cellulose fiber, therefore 100% sustainable, biodegradable and reusable.  They are a wonderful alternative to plastic bags to help reduce our ocean pollution.  Many reusable bags on the market today are made from synthetic materials which are not sustainable or biodegradable, therefore even though they are reused and cut back the impact to our planet, they still contribute to this problem when they are discarded.  Our Bags are long lasting and biodegradable, therefore adding no contamination to our marine environment.


Characteristics:  Our bags are designed to be fashionable but are very durable and long lasting.  The handles are reinforced with a hidden cotton webbing which allows for a carrying weight of up to 30 lbs. They are water resistant, tear resistant, lightweight, foldable, hold their shape and do not collapse, which makes packing goods a breeze.  With each use they begin to take on the look and feel of leather, which makes them a stylish, modern and fun reusable bag.  They are washable like a fabric, but made from paper, therefore giving them their unique and interesting characteristics.  

Simple, but versatile:  Our bags are ideal for groceries, as a shopping tote, a bag for the car, a day at the beach, a picnic or stop at a coffee shop with a laptop.  We have kept the design simple making it perfect for country or city.  The bottom we have squared off to make the bags stand on their own. They are water resistant, therefore perfect for a day bag to the pool, on a boat, beach or just a rainy day.  They are great for travel as a carry on or folded in luggage as a destination bag.

Home Decor: Our bags are fun additions to home decor and storage organization. Use them for books, magazines, mail, a rolled up throw or two, toys, puppy treasures, firewood, garden tools or just about anything that needs a place in your home or garage. Also ideal for outside decorating to add a plant container, Fall grasses, Spring herbs, Summer blooms or Winter evergreens and branches for the Holidays. Even a bag for birdseed. Be creative and have fun!