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Zia Pia imports + Italian kitchen

Amaretti del Chiostro square tin 250gr 8.8

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Amaretti del Chiostro - Crunchy individually packaged amaretti wrapped in elegant tissue paper in red cube tin with 2 different graphics for front and back

According to the legend, Amaretti were first baked by a young couple to honour the cardinal of Milano. By slowly baking a blend of sugar, apricot kernels and egg whites we make the round crunchy bitter/sweet almond biscuits called Amaretti. Decorated with sparkling white sugar and wrapped in colourful papers our Company offers the widest range of these crunchy delicacies. The “Chiostro di Saronno” is an ancient Franciscan cloister located in the centre of the town of Saronno. This is the home of our Company and the place where we keep our more prestigeous recipes.