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Wandering Sparks

Yoga Bracelet, Amber :: assorted designs

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Amber + Ebony: Raw yellow and cognac Baltic Amber with ebony color wood accent.

Ebony Amber + Rose Quartz: Ebony Baltic Amber with Rose Quartz.

Equi Amber: Raw lemon and cognac Baltic Amber teething necklace with Jasper and wood accent.

Sol Amber: Raw lemon and cognac Baltic Amber with tangerine quartz accent.

Sol Fall: The Fall version of our Sol (sun) necklace, Raw Cognac and Yellow Baltic Amber with jasper accents.

Amber in Medicinal History
Amber has been used in a variety of forms as a medicinal treatment for centuries. Amber oil, amber powder tinctures and also amber jewelry are listed in the medicine lists of many ancient societies. Today you will find amber teething necklaces in many European pharmacies today, since doctors have long been aware of their ability to bring relief to the symptoms of teething.

Succinic Acid
Contrary to popular belief, amber is not a stone. It’s a natural resin that has been fossilized, retaining many of its original chemical compounds. While there are a variety of imitation amber beads commercially available, only true amber contains succinic acid, an all-natural anti-inflammatory with antibiotic and pain-relieving properties. Of all the varieties of authentic amber, that which comes from the Baltic region of Europe contains the highest concentration of succinic acid, 3 – 8%. Succinic acid is a powerful antioxidant. It helps fight toxic free radicals, helps improve the immune system, and reduces stress. Succinic acid from other natural sources is also used in many different pharmaceutical and herbal medicines today.

**Due to the composition and natural properties of Baltic Amber, the product you will receive will be similar but not identical to the one featured in the product photo.

**With proper care and use, your piece should last a lifetime.  Should your piece break under normal wear, we will happily re-string it.