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Batik Baby Books

Batik Baby Book - Edition 3. Circles

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Batik Baby Books™
  • are ideal for babies aged 0 - 6 months.
  • are made from 100% cotton fabric, with an inner core of dacron polyester - to keep the pages rigid.
  • contain eleven pages of vibrant and unique printed patterns - more pages than many other fabric books.
  • measure 26 x 21cm (almost A4) - larger than most other fabric books.
  • are light, soft, durable, washable, can be dropped, screwed up, rolled up... and return to the original shape.
  • are a great way to capture and hold the attention of a young baby - perfect for all toy boxes, traveling families or waiting rooms.
  • are printed by human hands, imperfect and beautiful. 
  • will spark an imagination that will impact a lifetime.
  • can also be used as a small pillow or cushion for your baby :) 
Batik is a popular Indonesian technique of wax-resist dyeing, which is applied to plain white cotton fabric. The printed fabric in Batik Baby Books™ is made by applying the wax with a copper block stamp - the wax resists the dyes allowing the artist to colour selectively by soaking the cloth in one colour, removing the wax with boiling water, and repeating - if multiple colours or tones are desired.
There are three stages in the creation of the Batik Baby Books™
1. The fabrics are hand printed and selected from a family run batik fabric shop in Bali.
2. Cut & sewn in a small village near Ubud, at the home of Kadek (the tailor).
3. The cover is then printed in another village in Bali, at the home workshop of
Dewa and his brother-in-law, the screen printer.