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Meli Wraps

Beeswax Meli Food Wraps Oceana

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3 pack - includes 7" x 7", 10" x 10", and 10" x 16"

This combo pack includes a variety of the prints shown here.

A more sustainable way to preserve your food - and while doing it stylishly! Made by hand in Bend, Oregon, using organic cotton, beeswax, tree resin and plant oils to create a natural antibacterial wrap that can be used over and over.

Designed to reduce plastic and help keep your food fresh. 

How to Use

Warm up your hands and mold the wrap around your dish or food. With a little pressure the wraps will naturally stick to themselves to create a seal. You can also shape the wraps into little snack packs, cups envelopes, bowls or anything your mind can imagine! Place the wrap in the fridge and it'll firm right up. With proper care you should be able to reuse your wrap for about a year.

How Do I Care For My Meli Wrap?

Just wipe down your Meli Wrap using your hands or a soft sponge with a mild detergent under cool running water. The beeswax coating makes it easy to wipe clean. Air dry and reuse.

What should I not do with my Meli Wrap?

We recommend not covering any raw meats and avoiding hot water and hot foods. Do not place your wrap in the dishwasher or microwave. 

What is my Meli Wrap made from?

We have fined tuned the perfect mixture of beeswax, tree resin, jojoba oil, coconut oil and organic cotton to make our wraps. Nothing else added, no harsh chemicals. Our ingredients together make a natural antibacterial wrap.