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Celestine Rough Stones

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Celestine is known amongst healers and holistic therapy practitioners to be especially beneficial in aiding communication with the spiritual realms and has a gentle, uplifting vibration of its own. It seems to possess a very high frequency and this makes it ideal for working with when we are trying to open the third eye and access the higher self. It is a soothing, calming crystal and can aid in bringing the user a sense of inner peace. At the same time, celestine is also believed to be very beneficial in aiding mental clarity and can help the user to discard negative thought patterns and unwanted habits. In its blue form, celestine is regarded as a very spiritual stone, possessing a high vibrational frequency and users often report an initial reaction of breathlessness when exposed to a cluster of the mineral. This is then replaced by a feeling of deep tranquility and relaxation. The participant is then enabled to access deeper thoughts and emotions and to work through any issues or problems they may have in these areas with a clear, calm mind.

CELESTINE HEALING SPIRTUAL HEALING This mineral is a very useful one to have around when you are either treating clients as a healer, or engaged in self care on a spiritual level. Working with the stone can aid in all forms of spiritual practice, including contacting and working with guardian angels and spirit guides. Placing a small crystal on your brow will enhance your psychic abilities, particularly in the areas of clairaudience and clairsentience. Its gentle yet powerful vibration is useful when working on opening the third eye, aiding a deeper clairvoyance and sense of knowing. Your guardian angel or angels will respond to you no matter what you are doing or where you are, if you call to them. However, if you wish to make a deliberate and sustained effort to make a deeper connection, this stone will play a very useful part in any ritual or meditative exercise you care to indulge in.