Chai SuperLatte

Chai SuperLatte

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Functional Chai Latte
+ Oat Milk
+ Adaptogens
+ Probiotics

14 Lattes = $2/serving
Just Add Water

Functional latte powered adaptogens, probiotics and superfoods. Traditional Masala Chai blended with organic spices, oat milk, and naturally sweetened with coconut cream and monk fruit—zero added sugar and 100% plant-based organic or non-gmo ingredients.

We use adaptogenic herbs in our lattes to promote steady, long-term energy without the crash—making them the perfect sidekick to caffeine. Just add water to spice up your daily ritual.

+ Masala Chai 
+ Ashwagandha
+ Lion’s Mane
+ Reishi
+ Probiotics
+ Oat Milk
+ Coconut Cream
+ Monk Fruit