Citronella Outdoor Sticks

Citronella Outdoor Sticks

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Natural Mosquito-Repelling Incense Sticks

Mosquitoes are some of the most unwelcome guests at our summertime cookouts, parties and other outdoor activities, and many people are searching for natural alternatives to DEET and other chemical repellants.

Citronella Outdoor Sticks from Neem Aura help defend your picnics, campsite or backyard against mosquitoes, naturally. Pleasant citronella, lemongrass and geranium scent from pure essential oils with 3 times the active fragrance of typical citronella candles.

About Citronella Outdoor Sticks:

These all-natural incense sticks help clear the air of pesky mosquitoes with fresh-scented, pure essential oils.


  • Helps repel mosquitoes naturally
  • Great for backyard parties, activities, barbeques, picnics and campsites


  • 4% Geraniol - a component of geranium and citronella oil with notable mosquito-repelling properties
  • 10 sticks per package - each stick burns for approximately 1 hour
  • Pleasant scent from essential oils
  • Contains NO: DEET or petroleum wax

Suggested Use for Citronella Outdoor Incense Sticks:

Keep the outdoor air clear of pesky mosquitoes with these powerful citronella incense sticks. Pure, potent essential oils help defend your family and friends from mosquitoes without dangerous chemicals.

Active Ingredients
Geraniol 4%
Lemongrass Oil 2.5%
Citronella Oil 1.5%
Rosemary Oil 0.7%
Thyme Oil 0.2%
Geranium Oil 0.1%
Inert Ingredients - 91%
Total Ingredients - 100%

Take the metal holder from clear packaging.

1. Bend center prong almost to a 90 degree angle.
2. Pointing downwards, light stick until there is a flame.
3. Let burn until edges turn white, then blow out, and stick will smoke.
4. Insert tapered point of metal holder into end of incense that is not burning.
5. Place burner with incense on fireproof surface.
6. Keep a stick burning as needed to repel mosquitos.

Do not use inside tents, near flammable materials or leaves. Keep out of the reach of children.