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Owen + Fred

Concrete Soap Dish

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Nothing but cement, suds, and inspiration!  -Owen

Most men will look for the simplest approach to life. Cleaning is no different. A bar of soap and running water is all we need. Forget the luxurious body washes, luffas, or essential oils. Keep it simple, keep it clean. 

The only drawback to a solitary bar of soap is that it can dissolve more rapidly if you leave it in the shower or on a sink by its lonesome self.  It will likely sit in a pool of water, and shrink faster than you can say "Bubbles!".  

That's why we created our new Owen & Fred concrete soap dish.  

It's made in the USA, and molded with one of our favorite inspiring quotes on the inside. You'll be reminded that "the best way to predict the future is to create it," every time you wash your hands.  The raised letters lift your favorite soapout of a puddle to stay dry and increase longevity.  

As smooth as ceramic, yet made from a special mixture of cement, a normal bar of soap fits perfectly within its walls.  1 inch high, 3.5 inches wide, and 4.5 inches long, our soap dish sits comfortably on any sink: from the utility sink in your garage, to the kitchen sink, and even in the bathroom. Cork tabs on the bottom help avoid unwanted scratches on delicate surfaces.  This is how a simple good is made great.