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Shapes + Fractions Puzzle

Shapes + Fractions Puzzle

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This brightly colored puzzle introduces children to shapes and fractions. Each of the pieces are printed with bright colors on both sides. Engraved onto the puzzle tray is the representation in word of the pieces - Whole, Half and Quarter. Then engraved under the pieces is the same representation in numbers. I.e. 1 for Whole, 1/2 for Half and 1/4 for Quarter. For both the circle and the square two quarter pieces can be the same color and fit into the half and two half piece can be the same color and fit into the whole.

The printed colors won't scrape off with general wear. Puzzle measures 11" X 15" and is crafted from 1/8" thick, high quality birch plywood with laser-cut pieces for precision fit. Shipped shrink wrapped. A perfect beginner puzzle for your young learner.