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Pearl Street Slate Co.

Soapstone "Chalk" Sticks

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A chance to write on the “blackboard” again! We offer you a long lasting personal stick of soapstone that is a perfect non-toxic and food safe marking “chalk.” 

Use your soapstone stick to write on your slate and label your selections of cheese, breads or baked goods. Your guests will enjoy learning about your offerings prepared just for them.

One 5” soapstone stick.


Did you know that all of the slate you see - from roofing slate to coasters - is split by hand?  The industry is rich with story, tradition + tragedy.  

These products are produced with a lot of love + history.  Please visit the Slate Valley Museum in Granville, New York the next time you're in the Adirondack Foothills, Washington County or Midwest Vermont.

Made in our beloved Granville, New York.