nOMala :: assorted colors

$ 36.00

Available in a variety of twine + silicone bead options.  The first color listed is the twine and second is the silicone beads.  

About the Designer

My vision that "sparked" the idea of Wandering Sparks in November 2014. My own daughter's fascination with my sandalwood mala while breastfeeding lead me on a search to create a piece that was shorter and made of materials that were safe and chewable. Silicone and natural wood beads (a total of 54 beads) on naturally dyed cotton twine; a multi-purpose mala for breastfeeding and meditation practice. Silicone and wood make for a sensory experience for your little one when touching or chewing on the beads and help prevent hair-pulling, earring grabbing, chest smacking and (my least favorite) pinching! When worn, the wood beads also absorb the natural smells of the wearer and can be used as a comfort object when baby is away from their loved one. This necklace is intended for adult use only and is never ever, ever to be worn by baby!