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Tree Hopper Toys

First Draft: Drafting Set

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It takes scores of people, giant machines, and truckloads of steel and lumber to build our cities, but before all that our structures start as a sketch by a single creative mind. This little kit gives kids the basic tools to start drafting their own masterpiece. 

Set Includes:
- Protractor with Waves
- Folding Ruler
- Triangle
- 2 Circles
- 2 Pencils
- Pencil Sharpener
- Drawstring Bag

- Made in America -

Why Did The Makers Make This? 
This simple set was inspired by two makers in my family, 5 generations apart.  My Great-Grandfather was a hobbyist inventor for years, and he used a beautifully simple drafting set (which I still have!), to sketch out detailed plans for a variety of inventions.  I have a couple of these drawings framed and hanging in my office.  

Fast forward 5 generations, to my son Emmett, who loves making things.  While visiting the workshop a couple months back, he asked if we can make a "ruler that folds up".  I have no idea why he wanted that right then, but he did, so we designed one together and made it that day (per his specifications!).

We thought it turned out pretty cool and is actually a practical and handsome ruler to have around the house, so we decided to design a few more tools to round out the set.