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Grab Green Dreamy Rosewood Baby Dryer Sheets

Grab Green Dreamy Rosewood Baby Dryer Sheets

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Baby Dryer Sheets – Dreamy Rosewood

Softens Fabrics | Reduces Static-Cling| Reduces Wrinkles | Softens Naturally 

  • These compostable dryer sheets are formulated to soften babies' clothing, linens, and plush toys while reducing static cling. They perfectly pair in size and fragrance to our Baby Laundry Detergent Pods and will enhance your baby’s clothing and linens with a soft, calming scent of Dreamy Rosewood.
  • Made without wax, animal-derived ingredients, or dyes.
  • Dreamy Rosewood scent is crafted with essential oil lemon and a blend of safe synthetic ingredients.
  • Made with responsibly sourced, with high-quality ingredients.
  • PROUDLY: Cruelty-Free—never tested on animal.
  • Made in the USA!
  • More Than 97% Naturally-Derived

Featuring Westley, the baby elephant, the soft purple packaging is detailed with linen texture, crest-checkered textile and glitter accents. Package design clearly states what the product does & how to use it; the ingredients are listed in full, along with each ingredient's purpose.

50 compostable sheets that naturally soften and reduce static cling on clothing and linens.

Made WITHOUT Wax, Animal-derivatives or Dyes