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Grab Green

Grab Green Stoneworks Oak Tree Dryer Sheets

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Softens Fabrics | Reduces Static-Cling
Reduces Wrinkles | Softens Naturally

50 Compostable Sheets

Stoneworks Oak Tree is a scent inspired by the bold and steadfast qualities we encounter from this stoic entity and hearkens to a life of open space, dusty sunsets, hand-made crafts and rich spices, bringing a hint of leather & lace to your linens.

More Than 97% Naturally-Derived

Earthy-hued packaging constructed from 100% recycled paper. The boxes feature hand-drawn illustrations and are finished with touches of metallic accents. Package design clearly states what the product does & how to use it; the ingredients are listed in full, along with each ingredient's purpose.

50 compostable sheets that naturally soften and reduce static cling on clothing and linens.

Made WITHOUT Wax, Animal-derivatives or Dyes