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Greater Hand Oracle Deck

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It’s easy to lose touch with your creative, mystic power in this day and age, but these 25 cards are here to help you recenter, refocus, and recharge.

Each card has a theme word that is represented with illustrated hands set against a colorful background that undulates throughout the deck. Every deck comes in a black cotton pouch and with an accordion folded Guidebook that gives further definitions to each thematic word, provides info on Oracle card spreads, and shares the originally created Greater Hand Spread.

There is a greater hand at play that affects your personal journey. We say “play” because we mean it as both an exercise of activity, as well as one of amusement and joy.

Greater Hand Oracle Deck is here to help navigate your celestial questions. The learnings may be a sacred slap to your inner self, or a gentle caress of awakening. Either way, your hands are going to get delightfully dirty with some cosmic insights.

These cards are petite, 2.5” x 3.5”, so they literally fit in the palm of your hand and are oh so portable. Bring them to your next adventure day, night out, meditation, or snuggle session. They are here to be your tool; use them how you want in the life you create.