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Act + Acre

Intelligent Microfiber Hair Towel

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Our innovative Act+Acre Intelligent Towel is designed with a soft waffle texture to cut drying time in half by absorbing moisture in minutes without damaging the hair follicle. The lightweight feel of the towel decreases breakage and damage to the hair follicle when your hair is most vulnerable—when it’s wet.

What it’s for:

+ absorbing excess water in the hair to lessen dry time

+ preventing damage caused by blow dryer use

+ reducing breakage, tension, and stress on the hair and scalp

How To

+ Step 1: After cleansing and conditioning, place the Intelligent Towel on your head.

+ Step 2: Twist the ends of your hair into the “tail” of the towel. If your hair is longer, fold your hair in half and tuck them in, then twist the ends. For curly hair, you may want to blot your hair instead to keep your natural curl pattern.

+ Step 3: Using the button, fasten the tail to the crown of the towel.

+ Step 4: Leave on for a minimum of fifteen minutes for optimum drying, which is the perfect amount of time to do your skincare and makeup routine.


Wash with other like colors on the cold setting and lay flat or hang to dry.