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Jigsaw Puzzle - Viking

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Look, I'm trying to think of a fun and unique description for this product, but hey, it's a jigsaw puzzle!  Right?  You get it.  Classic, timeless play.  There's a reason that jigsaw puzzles have been around for hundreds of years...Kids love these things!  

Something about us humans just makes us what to solve puzzles.  It's probably because we somehow innately know that working on and solving puzzles is GOOD for US!  Quietly building cognitive, emotional, and physical skills all at once. Believe it not folks, doing puzzles actually builds better humans. Scientists on the internet told me so!

Product Specifications
• Viking Design by John Vogl of The Bungaloo
• 15 Pieces
• Birch Plywood 
• Non-Toxic Water Based Ink 
• Packaging: Printed Drawstring Bag 
• Made in America!
• Safe for children ages 3 and up!