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Mole Hollow Candles

Taper Candles 10" Pair Assorted Colors

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Gorgeous Mole Hollow taper candles in every hue. Perfect to adorn any season's tablescape  7/8" diameter (roughly the diameter of a nickel) and 10" in length.  

  • Solid color throughout
  • Burn time: 8 hours (per candle)

From the Maker
Each of our hand-dipped taper candles is dipped over 20 times by a dedicated craftsperson using a technique that has been in place since our founding in 1969. This technique, combined with our proprietary blend of waxes, is what creates the unique Spun Finish - a distinct linen-like visual texture - on our tapers.

We carefully select the materials that make up our 10" candles - matching the consistency of each wax to varying configurations of 100% cotton wick - for optimal performance. This harmony creates our beloved dry cup burn. Each standard size taper candle is dripless and smokeless when burned under normal conditions. 

Our 10 inch taper candles are wonderful for special occasions – 10" candles for parties or candles for events – lending a simple elegance to any room. We love to mix colored tapers, like sweetheart red dripless taper candles and ivory dripless taper candles, for a holiday candle display. 

Use with Sticky Wax to prevent the candle from leaning in the holders.