Soothe: Calming Cream

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60 ml/ 2 oz

Calms and Cools Redness, Reduces Irritation and Minimizes Swelling.

• A Rich, Emollient Cream
• High-Grade Arnica for Swollen Skin
• Chamomile and Calendula for Redness and Irritation
• Mint for Cooling

Our bodies’ natural state is vibrant and peaceful, but in the presence of life’s stressors, irritation, swelling, and abrasions can occur. To restore our skin’s optimal, healthy state of being, we created Soothe.

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This impeccably crafted cream calms tissue discomfort while treating inflammation. Soothe is crafted with high-quality arnica and other exquisite plant medicines such as chamomile and Vitamin E.

Literally, everyone loves this lotion. Because it's formulated for the most sensitive tissue on the body, it can be used everywhere else, also. Even the men in our lives are stealing it for aches and itches.

If you're using it on the external genitals and going out of the house, well- a little goes a long way! You don't need to slather this on, just a thin layer will do. If you're using it at home, be generous, layer it, rub it in, enjoy it!


Use as needed, when overheated, after sex, after exercise, whenever calming is desired. Centering, calming, soothing, refreshing and cleansing. Reduced redness and swelling.

great for

Post wax, post shave, chaffing, heat rash, aching, aching muscles, itchy skin