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The Flower Essences Deck Volume 1

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The Flower Essences Deck Volume 1 features: agrimony, aloe vera, aspen, basil, beech, centaury, cerato, chamomile, cherry plumb, chestnut bud, chicory, clematis, crab apple, dandelion, dill, dogwood, elm, gentian, gorse, heather, hibiscus, holly, honeysuckle, hornbeam, impatiens, larch, lavender, mimulus, morning glory, mullein, mustard, oak, olive, peppermint, pine, red chestnut, red clover, rock rose, rock water, rosemary, sage, scleranthus, star of bethlehem, sunflower, sweet chestnut, vervain, vine, walnut, water violet, white chestnut, wild oat, wild rose, willow, yarrow

Use this deck to incorporate more flower essences in your life, as you find new ways to create change in your life in harmony with nature.