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Little Spoon Design

The Wristlet :: Bees!

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the Wristlet is the same size as our Pouch but with a 10 inch loop that fits nicely on the (wait for it) wrist!  be stylish and practical as you make your way across the dance floor holding 2 toddies for you and your bestie!

Did you know bees are responsible for one third of the food we eat? and yet they are not being protected from harmful pesticides approved for use right now. they are quite literally dying.

would you want to wake up without coffee or fruit on the table? Not to mention flowers all around? let’s do something about this unforgiveable yet reversable plight! 

a portion of the proceeds from the “save the bees and” collection (our 2015 Pattern For Good) will be donated to help protect them and our food. yay you! yay bees!

DO NOTE!  this is a two sided print!  how cool right?  you are getting 2 hand painted then silk screened patterns for 1!  

black bottle bag is made from recycled soda + water bottles (new for us!) *this material is sleeker in feel than the recycled cotton* with black rib loop.

recycled cotton canvas is the same great stuff we are using on all our other totes. stiff and sturdy and washable (inside out / cold + delicate wash / hang to dry please!) with black cotton loop.

gold metallic ink on both (why gold and not the festive colors that are fruits + vegs you ask? to raise awareness to the plight of the bees of course!  there would be very little color in the world without bees. plus it is super chic to boot. win win!   

Silkscreened + sewn in USA. 

6 x 9 inches with 10 inch loop