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Little Spoon Design

The Wristlet :: Native

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the wristlet!  just like the pouch but with a loop to tuck around your (wait for it) wrist!  so handy when crossing the dance floor with a hot toddy for your hotty!  And the +native+ pattern was inspired by an exhibition at the Bard Graduate Center Gallery in New York showing Native American designs in fashion at the turn of the last century. 

2 colorways yay!  

nudie (rose gold, silver + salmon) is well, sort of based on the various tones of nude. for some reason the salmon color reminds me of that crayon in the box that was supposed to be "fleshtone" hmmm. really it is about colors of summer into fall and that joy of escaping somewhere warm even if it is in your dreams!

sea glass (jade, aqua + light slate blue) was inspired by walks on the beach long ago (before recycling took off)! if you have noticed there is not as much sea glass to be found (though a whole host of other issues I know!) 

wristlet details:
10 ounce recycled cotton. Silkscreened and sewn in USA.

6 x 9 inches with 10 inch loop made of cotton web.

what fits inside?
a lipstick or two
your phone
id and cash
nice lotion perhaps?
(dry hands are never fun to hold!)
a map if in a foreign land