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Flaps Down Apparel

Wax Cotton Cap :: antique brown

Regular price $ 40.00 USD
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This hat is made of high quality, British Millerain waxed fabric. We made it a high profile cap to ensure it will never blow off on those less than ideal days. The flooded timber liner is another subtle detail to voice your love of the outdoors. These hats are meant to be worn daily and stand up to harsh conditions. Put it to the test.

The hat was specially blocked and steamed to accommodate those with a cap size 73/8″ and up. This hat is made for all, but will be welcomed by those who can never find a hat to fit.


This hat is made of British Millerain Wax Cotton. The fabric is coated with a high grade wax that will repel water and most of mother natures unpleasantries. In the event your hat becomes dirty, DO NOT MACHINE WASH OR DRY! For superficial cleaning, hold the hat under light water pressure and rinse. For tough dirt or grime, use a soft sponge, light water pressure and gently dab area. Based on your exposure to sunlight, water and dirt, your hats wax coating will become less robust. Always allow the hat to dry before storing.