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Wild Hearts Club

Wild Hearts Club - Wool Felt Slipper Clog in Charcoal

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These cozy, low back slippers keep your toes warm and dry (but never too hot), thanks to the magic of wool. The clog-like design is easy to slip on, but features just enough of a lip to stay put. Perfect for extra comfort between errands and outings, protecting feet from cold tile or hardwood floors, or simply lounging in style. HAND MADE WITH CARE • Low back design for easy on and off • 100% wool hand-felted upper • Stitched suede leather sole with inner wool cushion for added comfort • Built to last: Machine washable and water, odor, and stain-resistant • All-natural materials: fair trade certified wool, suede sole, natural rubber glue • Made by hand in Nepal to support fair wages and safe work • 10% of profits support women’s empowerment nonprofits Fabric Content: -100% wool upper, suede sole Care Instructions: - Machine wash gentle on cold, shape around foot when wet and let dry Season: - Summer/Fall/Winter/Spring