World's Greatest Laundry Bag

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All my clothes, bedding, and towels in one bag with still room for my detergent on top. That's impressive. -Fred

Let's admit it, men can be some lazy creatures. It can take us weeks (months?) to finally get around to doing our laundry. 

Rather than denying a man's apprehension, we decided to make a laundry bag that can fit all of even the dirtiest man's unmentionables, and get him motivated to get the job done. 

Manufactured in the USA, our laundry bag is 15 inches in diameter and 33 inches tall. It's sewn in Massachusetts from 10 oz natural army duck canvas and tied at the top with black climbing rope that was made in Maine. The rope is tied off with figure-eight knots -- of course -- so the rope is not going to go missing. Large brass grommets secure the rope to the bag so you can swing this baby over your shoulder and take it with you to the nearest laundromat or just down to the basement. 

This laundry bag is perfect for trapping in the stench of your dirty gym socks and looking like a class act while doing it. 

Screen printed in Brooklyn, "You Will Feel Great When This Is All Done," is what we tell ourselves before we start hauling our loads of laundry to the nearest washing machine, we figured you'd like the motivation too. For good measure, you can wash the laundry bag from time to time.

Stay clean, and do that big pile of laundry. Trust us: you will feel great when it's is all done. 


Made in the USA.